Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your skull is melting

Inspired by the following line from this story about melting glaciers: "For the tribes that live in that area, the glaciers are the head of the skull of the god and the mountains are the arms and the legs," he says.

Today we are gods, & your skull is melting. Dwindling neurons worship you; impulses run the mountains of your legs, tiny synaptic tribes on ice sliding wordlessly into ocean. Your skull is melting, & we are the dying gods.

(By this I mean to say, we destroyed our gods, which was our right & all, since we created them, & we raised ourselves up, Nietzsche-nly, onto the old, infinite, divine platforms, but even then we did not realize that neither invention nor destruction will grant us immortality---all of us, & the universe, decay. Yes, the glacier is melting beneath your feet, but what the article fails to report is that your feet are disappearing, too.)

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