Saturday, September 18, 2010

Prayer App: Downloadable Deities

- Download the god of your choice for Mac or Windows (Linux version coming soon)
- Send prayers through IM, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, or use the app's special "Supplication" key (Note: Preview version allows only five supplications per month) 
- Use our thesaurus feature to select superlatives for your deity   
- To complete a worship service, cycle between recitations of praise and humility
- It's easy to change gods; just click "Convert" and export your settings
- Tag your prayers to increase traffic towards your account
- Don't forget to set your religious profile as "Tolerant" or "Intolerant"

*(Bowie quote: "I guess it's just this Greco-Roman notion of turning something  nebulous into a personification that you can recognize, like a deity. You know, back then, they would transform a set of emotions into a god. I just convert ideas into people. It's just easier to handle that way.")

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