Thursday, September 16, 2010

Broke up with my BF Skinner

It's over. I'm through with Behaviorism.
I used to love him. Now I wonder if he wasn't just keeping me down.
"It's all reward & punishment," he would tell me over dinner. "You are not in control."
"That's great, baby," I'd say. "Are you going to finish that?"
We stopped going out anymore. The romance had died. We just stayed in & took part in psychological studies.
We even stopped having stimulus & response.
He refused to see me for everything that I am. No, he just wanted to watch me twitch my arms, blink my eyes & hit computer keys.
"My little automaton," he'd call me. He encouraged me to think of him in the same way.
But who wants to date a mindless bunch of motor functions?
His reductionist approach reduced our relationship to nothing. In the end, I just found him boring.
Even though I'm enjoying being single, I'm excited to get back into dating game.
I've already got my eye on this cute guy named Emergence.

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