Friday, September 24, 2010


Music for 18 Musicians and more:
Reich is pure movement. The joy of discovery transcends the clarity of composition: Thinking becomes feeling. The beginning contains the end but extrapolation surprises: The reasoned becomes the spontaneous. Organic.

In The Cave and others:
Reich makes the unsung sing. He kneads out the melody & key. He finds the music underneath.

Electric Counterpoint and elsewhere:
His pieces extend in chronos (quantity of time) & deepen in kairos (quality of time). Engaged with time & yet timeless. Point & counterpoint. Harmony. Synchronicity. Symmetry. Divergence & convergence. Permutation. Growth. Swimming, dolphins through currents. Submergence & emergence. Renewal. Energy. The flow, the change, the interaction, the variation. A better world to live in, where chaos turns to order but remains in beautiful flux. 

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