Saturday, September 4, 2010

The poetcis of typos

Imperfection is life is flow is nto stopping to fix yoru mistakes
Pure feeling, unedited, 

I turst a typo, a brust of enthuisasm creatign new combinations
This is how evlotuon works. A mutattion leading to strength, or at least an intersting abomincation

Whne eveyr littel statemetn is oen lettre off
Yuo haev to wokr a littel harder to understadn me
Btu it brinsg us closre togethre
My spellign may be dreadflu but yuo know that I maen evrey word.

I believe “I loev you” but not “I love you”
Lov is messy, emotinal
Fingrs can’t even keep up wiht the sentiment

I’ve alwyas wantde to sqyush somthing: letters, sounds, imagse, aynthing. I am tactiel.
And thsi is hwo I doit.

1 comment:

  1. I lvoe this post and the thought of typos as mutations, or maybe meaningful mistakes. I usually let them go to correct them one line later.