Monday, September 20, 2010

In Transit, to, Somewhere

Words are a public transportation system that you get on when you are a young child & it takes you where you need to go, fast, & you may see something outside the window that you can't get your lips around, but it's all right, you're safe inside, & you can point out the window.

These words never vibrated. I never spoke, spokes on a wheel that turned a cog in your mind. What was changed, when these marks were made, I made not a whisper, not a shout, nothing moved in the air other than the friction of fingers over keys. 

I know why my recording career never took off---I didn't understand that all rooms have a sound, a feeling, & I was content to speak into a microphone [in that one room] or play a synthesizer that never really made a sound, never really vibrated: rock 'n' roll, jazzzzzz, POP, these are sounds, & they need to be released. A synthesizer synthesizes but you need something to start out with, something real, something that actually happened.

Then you can change it.

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