Saturday, October 30, 2010

(Half-written) Writing Manifesto

Place the description in a region, mingle the senses, synthetic synesthesia, metaphor, connections, association
A new language—a simultaneity of the senses
A whole
Run the gamut
Conjunction construction…certain words & letters as links…compound…
Words that balance between LMB & TKP
Evoke enough so that the reader completes the picture. Triangulate the position through association. You can identify the thing without describing the thing.
Pure block of text?
Why say lamp when you could say lighthouse?
Why say cathedral when you could say closet?

 How to write:
1. Find the right words—select for intent & sound
2. Put them in the right order—arrange for rhythm & precision

Describing an image without there being an actual image?
To describe a thing by describing something else…this is what a metaphor does…what about evoking a visual, calling up an image, out of clusters of words
Free (?) Association (Actually expensive?)
Meaning erased. No explanation to find.

Plucking a word of unexpected ripeness out of its context & planting it deep within the language

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