Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breakdown of Language Part III

Cal l i t impotenc y, a n inabilit y t o sa y wha t w e mea n
I hav e t o deconstruc t becaus e otherwis e I'v e give n u p
W e don' t mea n wha t w e sa y; w e don' t mea n anythin g

H ypocrisy i s t he t erritory t hat c omes w ith h umanity
T her e i s n o an swe r o u t he re o r i n th e re


  1. As I like to say, calling someone else a hypocrite is hypocritical, since we all act hypocritically. All circumstances are different, the same rules can never be applied to two different situations.
    But, it's also natural to want to have consistency. We see inconsistencies in others clearer than in our own selves. We're too close to our own self to see our inconsistencies--or maybe it is that we are too far from others to understand theirs.
    "We don't mean what we say; we don't mean anything" is, at first, unsettling. But then, if it is a true statement, it becomes a false statement. A nice paradox.

  2. I knew it was unsettling but I didn't notice it was a paradox! Good catch.