Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The long road going around.

You connected the dots.I lost the dots.Needles to say, needless to say, need less to say.Dig its digestible digits.Aerosol, sock, comb, cornea.The condemning animal.Illustrations of the mezzo-soprano.Trilling drill.Thorn.The crossbow, the decimal system.The fishing reel, the flamethrower, the iron plow.Hot air balloons, negative numbers.Seismographs & silk.Bromthymol blue.The common muscle.

The cloud chamber, color photography, electromagnetism, fingerprinting, the fountain pen, hypnosis, hypodermic syringes, insulin, the kaleidoscope.Paraffin, piano pedals, pneumatic tires, gunpowder.The lawn mower.Vacuum flasks & wire rope.


Comma, cutting off: limbs.

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