Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breakdown of Language Part II

Lept off the train 'fore it came to a rest
 [held] my breath

l lept phfrum a movvng train
iY didnt reelyz it would keep movvng
EVn now with wndswept hair I brace myslf toe jump

Train n never r rested
I rolled d downhill

I i h have e a always s tried d t to o r run
C h e c k k k s h u t t t t e r r r s p e e e e ddd

W?here d?oes o?ne w?ord e?nd a?nd a?nother b?egin?
Tr_ai_n Var_ia_tions

different TrainsDifferent trains differentTrains

i can c my lungs
o sa y ca n yo u se e

tra in  var iat io ns
SP          A          CE     
O            U            T

therE iS nO languaj jin ourl lungs
Words sfollow wwords
One esound dfollows sanother rsound
W edon' treall ymak ebreak sbetwee nou rwords
bu tI haf ft ot ayk ka abrea k

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