Thursday, April 28, 2011


 realized thatyet it is people channel

foresee, after the Pollack ,
                 The limits it, but       Pollack form ofwithout the reach and  paint 
                                                                     nothing can
                                                of There is flesh and       paste a corpus       buy the
     limitsThe Reds,Anybody        could havehis cut-ups & donedid it first

         of   give    up      stickiness of        bluessaid, be 

           I              new underthe    collector's  item
                               Thoughthrough which
                                               I amclinician are  of a living
                    thrownBurroughs loved  
                                                              The message The scissorswill never be 

     There is no   throw          it could be sent
Did he  wanted to                        recognizable breakthrough              , the shardsIconnections

                                                                         ScrambledTyped words are signals, allpaintreceived
                                                                        nothing the their disconnected sunnothing like the spew

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