Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chanced upon

Mistakes move us forward. 
You're locked in, and then you're locked out.
Breaking a vase? Breaking new ground.
Branching out
...from the staid, the status quo, the stagnant.
I'd like to ride on my bike and get lost, or drive around in the car and use the GPS to get back. But I wont', because I'm locked in to this behavior.
Spontaneity is defined by a sudden departure from the norm. If something is the same as what came before it, it cannot be spontaneous.
But if you don't see something coming...
If we already had the answers, we would know what to do.
The answer does not always proceed logically from the situation.
Discovery. Serendipity. Change.
These are where the interesting is.


  1. I actually think it's good you recognize that it's unlikely you're going to do something. Appreciating and daydreaming about an idea but then admitting you won't follow-up with action is a sincere path. This may not seem to fit with daring to err, but I don't think that making empty promises to yourself is any better.
    Also, if one day you do accomplish spontaneously losing yourself, wouldn't that make it more spontaneous?

  2. Very true---spontaneity can't be planned.
    But I still think I should do something.

  3. Oh sure, do something! I didn't mean otherwise.
    Just pointing out that being self-aware is good. After all, it plays an role important in the realm of mistake-making.