Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Literacy Program Application

Literacy programs are always in need of volunteers, but not all applicants should be accepted. Consider the following letter, written in crayon on construction paper and left at a local public library:

deer liturasee programm

i am riting too tell yu that i want too bee eksepted intoo yur verree impourtant programm. i grajuated frum a collige werr I lurned too rite and reed well. i am a verree responsibul udult hoo lyks werking with cheldrenn. it is veree impourtant to lurn how too reed and sow that is wi yu shuld let me into yur programm.

benji miller

p.s. pleez mayl me the munny yu sed i wood get beecuz i am ann udult

Benji Miller has been preemptively signed up for the Literacy Program---as a student.

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