Thursday, March 10, 2011


87% Introverted, 13% Extroverted
60% Intuitive, 40% Sensing
53% Feeling, 47% Thinking
80% Judging, 20% Perceiving

And that's me.* (*a la Rinse & repeat.
(Am I sliding?)

Can I see the four s's for the three z's?
The part for the wh0le? 

Conceptualizing complexity.
Abstracting edges.
Imagining over reasoning.

Organize it. Decisive.
Organ Isaac. Dive.
I am big, you, itty-bitty.

I tell myself I'm objective
Though I remain ruled by whims

Inuit Intuition
The Ice-olated Eskimo
In an Introverted Igloo
Bipolar bear?
A fish in sea...

Roll dice for incantation.

I'm personal, not impersonal
I impersonate me
I am a person
I person me
I person I
I personify
I person, if I
I person, if I am
I appear I am a person
I am a person, therefore I am

Can't see? Therefore it's for the trees. 

1 comment:

  1. Once, someone asked me how I was, and I told them I felt like I was in an igloo. They told me to put on the heater, and I told them I wasn't cold. What you have here is why I felt like I was in an igloo.

    Fish in sea with efficiency.