Sunday, May 8, 2011

Existentialist sect

Monotonous monks in meditative exercise
Gray footfall upon Penrose steps
Life's sentence of frozen quiescence or
Transcendence in endless ascent and descent?
Banal is impossible is banal is impossible 
Behavior etched, repetition pressed
This isn't what I was expecting


  1. You broke the frame (carefully), gave the graphic dimension, and hit play on a frozen image. Funny enough, because when the monks are brought into motion, they're still not (physically) going anywhere.

    Another specialty to add to your skill set: describing the visual works of others in a way that augments the viewing experience. Seriously--you also make me see things in my own work I miss.

    On another note about the image, I wonder what would happen if one monk decided to sit down. Also, would I want to be inside of one of Escher's works? I want to say yes for obvious reasons. But, would I want to subject myself to the eternal cycle? I guess we already do anyway.

  2. * That is, I was musing about what would happen if a monk in the cycle on the top floor decided to sit down (would everyone be thrown off balance, would there be a foot-traffic jam, etc.). There's already one sitting below, I know.