Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prison Sentence

...descend, descendants, transcend, transcendence...
This sentence has sentience.
(and it says)
"Why have I been given life? What could I possibly say in four words, nine letters? How can I encompass the entirety of experience? What little can I do? Was I created for a purpose? How do I achieve that purpose? Could I do more than what I was created to do? What if I can't?"
"How do I live on? How do I perpetuate myself? How do I work my way into the hearts of my audience? Is anybody reading me? Do they like me? How can I respond?"
"I am just one sentence."

We all live out our sentences.
Self-contained. Unchanging.
Unable to respond.
But if you want to know this sentence,
type it & it's yours!

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