Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Life with Painting

Hello, my name is "This painting showcases Picasso's use of common materials in an unorthodox manner."
I live at "The printed pattern on the wax cloth conveyed the illusion of chair caning."
I am in love with "The pasted paper appears to be something else than what it truly is, while the rope framing it is a tangible object."
My friend's name is "Shortly thereafter, Braque found a roll of wallpaper with an oak pattern, which he then cut into pieces and integrated them into a drawing."
In the evening, we took a walk through "These endeavors eventually led to pure surface textures being contrasted against one another and forming a coherent artwork."

Madlibs. The terrain of grammar. The life of the sentence. Still life. Meta. Collage. Simultaneous. Parallel. Playful. Painting without paint: painting that is not painting; writing that is not writing.

Text taken from Cubism by Dorothea Eimert, describing Still Life with Chair Caning by Pablo Picasso

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